March 21 to April 20


The Ram of the zodiac.

Aries are known for explosive tempers, impulsive behaviors, they’re good at initiating projects but they’re not eager to finish them, needs lots of exercise to burn off excess energy, enthusiastic, passionate, ambitious, loves a good challenge, confident, and adventurous.

They make great leaders they are genuinely concerned for those they command, have high sex drives, are passionate lovers, are devoted to their children, like to be first at everything.
Prone to impatience, stubborn, selfishness, forcefulness, intolerance, impulsiveness, aggressive, restless, argumentative, quick- tempered, easily offended, hold grudges, can be promiscuous.










It’s believed Aries people have strong angular features, prominent chin, prominent nose and mouth, they have an athletic build. They were thought to have fair red hair, are of average height and tan complexions.

Compatible with Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio.


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