Dog Rose

Commonly found in Europe and Asia. Dog rose is a bushy plant with pink or white flowers and thorny branches.
dog rose 1

dog rose 2

The area has added dog rose into its vampire lore. Gathering the petals and throwing the blooms and at a vampire will force it to stop and count them.

dog rose 3


You can also string the blooms up and wrap the garland around a coffin to keep a vampire from rising.

9 thoughts on “Dog Rose

  1. highwulf says:

    Great article as always

  2. Nice to see something fresh that could show up in a vampire tale or two.

    • mari wells says:

      That’s me digging up fresh stuff for vampires… they did tired of the old stuff. 😉 lol

      • I like it. I think they have a lot of mileage left in them, but some realistic changes are good.

      • mari wells says:

        I like to lean away from the overused, but I’ve had people get upset, because they don’t know anything other than the tried and true.

      • I think avoiding sparkly day walking vamps is a good idea. However some research can provide intriguing and terrifying ways of dealing with them. If anyone can do the research, it’s you.

      • mari wells says:

        Sparkly no, day walking yes. Some can even keep a human diet as long as they have blood regularly too, NO ONE knows they’re vamps. Thank you. I love my vampires and researching them, I always have. Mom was telling me the other day I started loving them much earlier than I thought. The first time I was a vampire for Halloween I was 6 and I was one every year after that. lol

      • mari wells says:

        Or tried and tried. Sometimes its very false, not true. 😉

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