The Araucanian people of Chile have a vampire creature in their mythology.

The Colo-Colo monster is born from a cockerel egg.

It preys on sleeping people hovering over the body and sucking their saliva draining from their body.
The victim wakes with a high fever and dies soon after.

Image from Google search

10 thoughts on “Colo-Colo

  1. That is similar to one of the legends I had to research. In one legend the Cockatrice is born from a cockerel egg. I think it had to be incubated by a toad, but I don’t exactly remember. Hope everything is returning to normal at your place.

  2. Darn, Boyack beat me to it. I was going to mention the cockatrice-egg connection.

  3. Don’t know why, but I just have the feeling I may have met him….

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