The Hunter

Today we’re treated by the @Highwulf himself.
Thanks for coming by and Celebrating Lupercalia with us, Peter.

The Hunter

The large black wolf glares contemptuously down at the small dark township has threatened to

encroach on the wolf’s territory for the last month. The lights flickered like a mirror of the starscape

above, all except for the brighter than usual full moon. It knew well tonight’s moon was a hunter’s

moon and it was, if anything a hunter He was the strongest beast in his pack and there was less lack

of normal prey to sustain him or the others back in the den.

He growls low in his throat and lopes silently down the path that leads to the small town.

The animals knew by now that when the silver goddess light’s up the path that they should hide,

they’d seen him before, seen his wrath displayed on others,

A fox darts across the trail with a struggling badger in its jaws. The fox shakes the tiny beast

viciously in an attempt to snap the creature’s neck. Blood flies this way and that, a little of it

splashes the wolf’s muzzle and eyes. The blood dripping from his muzzle sends the beast into

a blood frenzy, charging the fox with his full weight, crushing it into the dirt. Teeth and claws

exchange brutal injuries to these kindred cousins. The fox clamps it’s maw on the wolf’s throat with

all of its strength while the wolf scratches the smaller creature’s shoulder and bites its throat in

response. He shakes his head back and forth until the fox ceases its struggle. Blood pouring from

the fox lends a sense of finality, the blood frenzy slowly passing as it continues down the trail. The

scent that lured him from his den is back in its nose, its throat, and it tastes its True prey is further

The wolf leaves the fox and badger’s carcass where they lay, let the other creatures take them,

they’re no concern to him any longer.

The wolf enters the hamlet silently through a break in the fence, sticking to the empty alley’s thick

shadows with the posting on the wall, ‘Killer on the loose, Curfew in effect. Anyone out after

8pm will face prosecution.’ The clear sound of a car slowly rolling by causes the wolf to slink

deeper into the alley. His thick black mane making him all but disappear where he waits cautiously

until He passes, walking through the street. It is Him, his scent has drawn the wolf here. It stalks

him through the streets, silent as the night and darker than pitch, it sticks to the shadows to avoid

detection. A part of the wolf wants his prey to flee, a good hunt to honour the silver goddess above.

The man walks up a garden and opens the door unaware of the danger just a few steps behind.

The black beast pounces, every fibre telling him this is the time. The weight hit the man from

behind, sprawling him face first in the hallway, the wolf’s maw clamped down on his neck before he

had a chance to react or even to cry out. The wolf pulls back, his teeth still on the man’s neck, more

correctly with his spine, and the bite force of the beast’s jaws pulls the spine partially out the the

hole in his neck, his spinal cord severed, the man paralysed and helpless.

It claws at the man’s face, gouging a massive rip in his jaw, exposing his inner mouth, the teeth

visible through the wound. A gurgling sound escapes the man’s throat as he tries in vain to scream.

The monster bites at the softer meat just below the ribs, digging his muzzle in the newly torn flesh in

his back and howls inside the man’s body. The jaws opening in such a fashion tearing the opening

further in the same way a man might open a pair of curtains, albeit a fleshy one, exposes his body,

his spine and ribcage. The wolf cares not for them at this time, as it dunks it’s muzzle inside the man

savouring the morsels, flesh and organs. The man continues to gurgle in pain as he is eaten alive.

Finally after much of his insides are devoured, the wolf eats the heart giving the man at long last an

end to his suffering.

Jason wakes naked in a foetal position at the bottom of the staircase, his head killing him but with

no recollection of the last night. The door of his house still open and fear and disorientation rise

as he sees the corpse of a man. 6’2” or was when he lived, now he’s nothing but a hollow husk. He

closes the door and ascends the staircase and searches for the bathroom, he stares in horror at the

visage staring back at him. His face and chest are covered in blood and he sees a scar on his neck.

“What the hell is going on? Where am I and why can’t I remember the last night?” He jumps back

in fear as he sees the face of the dead man staring accusingly at him behind him.

After a few minutes of sitting on the edge of the bathtub, he vomits blood and something resembling

liver into the sink. The voice of reason tells him to get dressed, that he had apparently already

killed this stranger and might as well steal some clothes unless he intends to walk through the

He steals a pair of jeans and a polo shirt and looks through the house. In the spare room, he

discovers a murder kit:rope, industrial tape and a selection of knives. Jason remembers vaguely

news of a serial killer in the paper. He sees a letter in the letterbox addressed to a Phil Jackman.

He looks down at his wrists and sees bloody manacle scarring. “I guess it didn’t work, but why

He leaves the house taking great pains not to attract attention & determines to call the police

anonymously later. The township is now flowing, a river of flesh & scents, flavours only his pallet

can taste. He steps forward, taking his place among them, A wolf amidst sheep, in the blink of their

eyes he vanishes, he walks among them ever the unseen.

The moon will be full tonight, better be careful about that huge black wolf seen just outside the town


3 thoughts on “The Hunter

  1. highwulf says:

    A great story if I do say so myself, maybe a little biased. Was it deliberate or coincidence that it was released on the 17th (The first night of the Full Moon)?

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