Snow Moon

In a few hours our werewolf friends will be going through a major transformation, our vampire friends will feel the need to roam the moonlit night, witches might still be celebrating, and all our “Other” friends will be heading out for a night of romance.

Yep it’s the Full Moon!

A Snow Moon.

You may be wondering why it’s called snow moon.

I don’t know…. I don’t know everything!

I hope you all are still around and LYourAO like along with me. LMAO

We all know I do know everything…. or at least everything that matters, like names of the full moon and vampires.
(sorry its been a hard week—tweens question vampirism way too much. And my youngest is determined she’s a hybrid when, but not the kind she is.)

Back to the Snow Moon…. the name comes from Native American tribes, because the heaviest snows happened in February.


4 thoughts on “Snow Moon

  1. Very interesting. I’m looking forward to your posts this month.

  2. Indeed it is a wonderful moon & already the snow has fallen, deepest I have seen in an age. The moon soothes me, I connect with it with the full nature of my wolf Spirit

  3. Ah yes! The quiet of night, when others walk….

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