Zodiac :: Aquarius

January 21 to February 19

Aquarius is the water bearer in our zodiac.

Those born under Aquarius are dependable, honest, have overactive imaginations, humane, serious minded, independent, strong, attractive, persistent personalities, refined, idealistic, quick, active, intellectual, logical, they have good taste in art and drama.

Aquarius fall to one of the two categories, the first is shy, sensitive, gentle, and patient. The second is exuberant, lively, and is an exhibitionist.
Both of these categories are strong-willed, forceful, have strong convictions, seek truth if it turns out that they’re wrong they will change their views.


















Incompatible with Gemini, Pieces, and Libra.

They are believed to have big expressions, finely chiseled features, slender figures, males are said to be somewhat feminine in appearance, and women are broad shouldered and masculine


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