The Thay-tase (pronounced they-say) lives in Bruma. They are created when a person dies of violent death. It returns from the grave as an ugly giant. They-tase causes cholera and smallpox outbreaks wherever it goes.

It reveals in laughing at the dying, it goes to their deathbed where only the dying can see them and enjoys making them miserable.

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2 thoughts on “Thay-Tase

  1. highwulf says:

    I hate to ask but I am doing a collaboration for werewolf month with Sheila but there’s a little concern (mostly on her part) that she won’t be ready with her half in time for the tenth, I am doing a separate solo piece for werewolf month but that mostly came about as a precaution, should it not be done on. I ask on hers & mine as my collaborater for it if there’s a chance it can get a tiny extension, if it can’t there’s no worries since I am writing my own back up piece

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