Mercury strikes again

Mercury is in retrograde!

WordPress, and my desktop, iPhone, and iPad can’t communicate with each other and my new keyboard is acting up too.

Looks like I’m in for a very long ride this time around.

Sorry for that strange sentence in my last post. Proof of Mercury’s retrograde. 😦


2 thoughts on “Mercury strikes again

  1. I wish I believed in astrology. It would help me to attribute blame so much less resentfully when some snotty-nosed little denizen of the netherworld sneaks one of his cankerous bugs into my computer. But alas I do not, so I must continue to scheme and plan the murder and slow death of his malingering, unnecessary soul. Seriously, though, best of luck with your bug. Hope it’s sorted out soon…

    • mari wells says:

      I loved your comment! Murder and slow deaths are kind of my thing. LOL
      I don’t think I had a bug, nothing wanted to communicate properly. It all seems to be good now.

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