Shut Up And Write

This is great advice… I’ll be working on the advice here this year.

Descent Into Slushland

“It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.” – Winston Churchill

If I could go back and scream one thing at my past self it would be to shut up and write. When I was learning the basics of writing I would spend way too much time on this blog talking about my latest breakthrough. What I should have been doing is writing and writing some more. Why didn’t anyone tell me that?

That’s my advice to anyone listening. Stop talking about writing and just do it. Talk about your latest project afterward. Talk about how you just signed a contract to publish a short story or a book afterward. You could be the best undiscovered writer in the world and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t produced anything.

Don’t make the mistakes I used to make. Don’t be the person who…

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