A Teaser?

I’m working on a novel, but I’m also writing a Shortie – @JeanieGrey came up with that Short Stories = Shorties.

I call this one Witch Created I’m not sure if I’ll keep that name or give it a different title. It’s not finished but I’m going to share this VERY RAW piece with you.

Her lips twist into a smile, “I’ve no need of you, Rob.” Pushing herself from the rocker, she walks toward the table against the far wall. Glass beakers full of thick red fluid bubble. Tubing runs from one glass container to another, and another in a strange circle. Two small vials full of milky liquid drip into a large dish. Her finger taps the same beat near the deep sided plate.

The wind rushes through the room howling, as he watches her movements. Ashes float into the air, four days ago she burned most of his body in the same place her equipment now gushes and bubbles.

8 thoughts on “A Teaser?

  1. Love the description.

  2. Karen Soutar says:

    Ooh, interesting! I look forward to more… 😉

  3. Sounds pretty cool. Creepy, but cool.

  4. A very gripping entry, more than enough to keep us on tenterhooks as we wait for what comes next

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