New Lineup

This New Year sneaked up on me, I mean I knew it was coming. I knew what day New Year’s Eve and Day were.
And to make it worse, I was up all night New Year’s Eve.


No, I wasn’t bringing in the new year, I was was working.

But, and it’s a big huge gigantic one, I’m still not ready for the new year and the plans I had wanted for it. I’m not talking about Resolutions. I don’t do those, I do goals. I was going to be blog ready this new year. It didn’t happen.

So…. I’ll be running to keep up with the new lineup this year. Let me tell you about my new lineup.
download (2)

Vampire Wednesdays, The Witching Hour and The Wolf’s Moon are no more. Wait! Before you want to beat me with my own arms let me tell you what’s coming in their place.

Supernatural Saturdays — Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Demons and Angels. You never know what you’re going to get! Every Saturday.

Magical Mondays — Here I’ll share some strange superstitions that didn’t fit into SS and I’m also going to have a paragraph or two about Zodiacs. A few of them.
If you like horoscopes you’ll like what I have planned. If you’re a writer this might be a nice thing to keep your eye on. Character
development and all that. Every Monday.

Wednesdays — I think I’ll share a bit of what I’m writing here. I mean I am an author and this blog’s first intention was to reach out to a fan base. It changed over the few years that I’ve been here. It’s become more of a reference sort of blog. So we’re going back to it’s original purpose. To share my writing. I’m not sure if this will be every week or not.

Fridays — I’m going to try to share “Writing Helps” on Fridays. There are some brilliant blogs that I follow that have awesome posts that would be helpful to writers, I’ll be re-blogging and maybe writing up a few things I’ve come across. Book Reviews and Cover Reveals will be on this day too.

I’m really hoping this adds to the blog, but also that I can accomplish these goals. All you writers out there know when the Muse talks, you shut up and type. You type everyday, but when HE starts talking you type much more. That’s a part of what threw my plans off.

Also if any of you have a particular angel or demon you’d like to know more about… drop me a line. It’s overwhelming deciding which myth, legend, vampire, etc to tell you all about.

I know the New Year has already started… this baby is already three days old, and I’m just barely getting around to congratulating you all. *face palm*

baby new year
I want to wish you all a wonderfully productive and successful year. I hope all your greatest goals are accomplished and everything you’ve ever dreamed of comes true. I hope this year brings everything we all need and I need to get going now or I’ll never get caught up.


3 thoughts on “New Lineup

  1. Sounds like fun. Blogs should evolve, but try to keep to their original intent. I let mine wander, but always come back to center. I’m looking forward to yours.

  2. Sounds like a great plan Mari – Good luck with it πŸ˜€
    BTW – if you’re ever stuck for material, feel free to reblog mine as needed – if it’s something I’ve reblogged, don’t forget to reblog from the originators blog πŸ˜€
    PS When you get time, why not send me an article to promote yourself and works – it’s an open invite, so no pressure πŸ˜€

  3. Karen Soutar says:

    Well firstly, I’m not New Year ready either! Once the usual routine kicks back in next week, I hope to get organised.
    Your plan sounds great. I look forward to your new posts, stories – everything! xx

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