Mirrors are associated with magic through many myths, stories and legends.

It was believed that the reflection in the mirror (or any other reflective surface) was a vital part of one’s soul. (sound familiar??? What about a vampire’s reflection???)

Mirrors were thought of as “soul catchers.”

Draping black cloths over mirrors in the sick room of a dying person was to prevent the soul from being taken.

In witchcraft mirrors are used as divination tools, like a crystal ball. The witch sees images in the mirror and interprets them.

14 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. You always have the best data. I never heard about the cloth over the mirror before. Awesome.

  2. We often forget the beauty and magic of a mirror. Looking at any old mirror makes one wonder what it has witnessed.

    It is said that if you stand with a vampire or a ghost in front of a mirror and look directly into the reflection and lock eyes you’ll see them. If you break the gaze they’ll be gone.

    • mari wells says:

      Exactly, Juliette. Mirrors can last forever I think I’m be afraid to wonder what they’ve witnessed. How much of it would be things people can’t see? Oooo there’s a story idea!

      I’ve heard about seeing a ghost or vampire in the mirror and locking eyes you’d be able to see them, but the source wasn’t reputable. However, every vampire and ghost for that matter, that I know have reflections so anyone can see them.

  3. hocuspocus13 says:

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  4. sherry fundin says:

    Very interesting.
    sherry @ fundinmental

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