Ancient Aztec lore tells of the vampire goddess of agriculture Itzopapalotl or obsidian knife butterfly.

She is able to shape-shift unto a butterfly and was described a beautiful winged woman with jaguar claws on her fingertips and carried a stone knife.

The kinife was her personificatiom as the ritual knife she was as blood thirsty as the other gods in her pantheon. There was no need for her to hunt for her prey (although she did do it at times) she expected her subjects to bring fresh blood to her.

She was killed by Mixcoatl who shot her with an arrow her body was burned to ash.

She’s also an Aztec Goddess of childbirth.

2 thoughts on “Itzapapolotl

  1. I must confess to having been under the impression that the idea of vampires originated in eastern/central Europe, however your interesting post puts me right on that score.

    • mari wells says:

      It’s a very common misconception, honestly there are vampire creatures throughout the world.
      Thank you for stopping by, and commenting. I hope you enjoyed your visit. 😀

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