The Witches’ Cradle

Witches’ Cradle

Have you ever tried to meditate, but couldn’t?
Was it too noisy, hot or cold. Maybe where you were sitting was too hard or too soft.

No I’m not repeating Goldilocks.

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If any of those are the case the Witches’ Cradle is for you. The witches’ Cradle is a device created for sensory deprivation.

During the Witch Hunts it was used for torture.

The sack was tied closed with a string tied to a tree branch and there it hung or swung. As the swung it “rocked” giving it the name witches’ cradle.

Most witches who suffered this disorientation had hallucinations and they confessed to all sorts of things.

In modern times to a Sensory- Deprivation devices used to alter states of consciousness. It’s also popular for meditation.

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