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You read The Lady of Portcawl, now read The Hunter…

Entertaining Stories

I’m really excited to bring you this story. Mari Wells is my writing buddy, and we exchange pages regularly. We thought it would be fun to each write a complimentary story. Mari had input on my story, and I had input on hers.

Each story stands alone, but it’s more fun if you read them both. Please head on over to Mari’s place and read her story from the other point of view.

Witch Hunter

I made my way slowly into the old monastery chapel. It needed new thatch and smelled like more rats than monks lived here now. I knelt down before the cross and prayed – for my knees to hold up. There was a time I could stand vigil day and night, but that was years ago.

The old abbot watched from the vestibule and came forward with his holy water. He paused as I took the…

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