Let’s talk about Karma with a Kitchen Witch

Nicohle is back today, and she’ll explain her view on Karma.
Thank you for being here today, Nicohle. 😀 Her links are at the bottom.

As a teen, I spent several months homeless. My mother, who got me involved in paganism and my own form of white witchery, left my dad, and decided that we needed to go to New Mexico. Instead of just driving, we were going to join up with the carnival, and travel with it all the way down south. This, as with most things, did not go the way she planned.

We ended up leaving the carnival due to depleted money, and found ourselves homeless in a city none of us had ever been to before. Here, is where I learned what Karma means. In this city, our mother ended up sick for a while. We ran out of food, and us kids had to go grocery shopping, which was harrowing. We ended up wasting our food money on ramen we couldn’t cook. My mother had to take us to the homeless shelter. I have never met such kind people as those who live and work at a homeless shelter.

Sharing happens there. Caring happens there. People don’t hoard or greedily keep. If someone has more than their share, they share that abundance. That homeless shelter started my love affair with something I call “the Kindness of Strangers”. You see, what you do, say, give, it all comes back. But sometimes, you receive before you give. Sometimes, your karma comes to you before you’ve earned it. Those of us who believe in Reincarnation believe that this is karma you have earned in previous lives.

For those who aren’t sure what this Karma thing I keep mentioning is, here’s a definition. Karma is the universal law that states what you give, you receive. If you give effort, you receive reward. If you give pain, you receive pain. Anger begets anger, love begets love. You see? In paganism and wiccanism, there is what’s known as the Three Fold Law. This law is Karma, but more intense. Essentially, it breaks down to: “What you do, comes back to you three fold.” Because of this Three Fold Law, witches, pagans, and wiccans live by another law. “And it harm none, do as ye will.”

Now that may sound familiar. It should! Most religions have this as their primary law as well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Christianity. If you want to find out more about it, and the other religions this is seen in, google “The Ethic of Reciprocity”. You’ll find article after article about it. What this means is, no matter what religion, you are meant to treat those around you well. And they are meant to treat you well!

However, when you don’t, you are cursed with bad karma. What you do, comes back to you. Yelling at your friend will lead to bad feelings between you. Stealing an apple not only denies that apple to someone who needs it, it also can lead you to criminal charges. You see how it works? You do something, and it comes back with even more attached to it.

The question of the day with this new rule is, how can it be used. What can be done with the Threefold Law? Well, first, I’d like to caution you. There is no greater curse than to be forced to experience all of your karma in a small amount of time. Imagine the universal cloth cut from your actions. Now imagine it all being dumped on you within a week, or a few weeks. Honestly, I think it’d most likely end up in a string of bad luck similar to what you see in the Final Destination movies. That is to say, disastrous.

Before you use the spells I’m about to provide for you, please keep in mind that messing with Karma is usually a very bad idea. Now, if you are insistent, I’m going to provide you with three spells. One a blessing, one a curse, and one for fun.

Karma Blessing

For this spell, you’ll need a little preparation. You can give the results to the person in several different forms. First, choose a recipe. Any recipe will do, so long as there is stirring involved at some point during the recipe. While cooking, make sure to keep your thoughts on the person, and all the good they have done for you.

When the recipe calls for stirring, stir three times, clockwise, then three counterclockwise, then three clockwise again. Think again of all the good they have done for you, and for others. Say something similar to: “What you have given comes back to you. Blessings be with you.”

Once the recipe is in the oven, finish it off with a “As I will, So mote it be” or whatever finishing chant you wish to use to bind the magic. Then, make sure that the person you made the recipe for eats it. Whether it is a drink, cookies, dinner, whatever. Just so long as they ingest it, and hopefully, enjoy it.

Karmic Curse

This one is rather simple. All it requires is a candle. Black is traditional, but any candle will do. A short one is preferable, because you’re going to be staring at it for a while. Find a night when you don’t have much to do. As with any curse, this is going to take a while, and should. You’re about to inflict harm upon a person, so you should have to suffer at least a little to do so.

Clear a space where the candle can melt. A plate underneath is nice, but not absolutely necessary. Sitting comfortably in front of it, carve the name of the person you wish to curse into the candle. Be very careful not to use anything but how THAT PERSON refers to themselves. Nicknames are absolutely encouraged, so long as that person links themselves to it more than their birth-name.

Light the candle, and think of all of the negative things that person has done to you and to others. Think of the negativity they’ve released into the world. DO NOT THINK NEGATIVELY ABOUT THE PERSON. Think about the times they’ve called someone stupid, not the times they’ve acted stupidly. If you think negatively about the person, this spell will call on YOUR negative karma, and it’ll backlash. Not pleasant.

Watch the candle until it burns completely out, letting your thoughts dwell on this person, and what negativity they’ve wrought on the world. When you’re done, dispose of the candle. Bury it at night, or find another way to get rid of it. Watch as the person’s karma is called down on them.

Karma Cookies

Want to know what your karma looks like? Here’s a good way. Find a cake recipe. While making the recipe, stir in small bursts of three, clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise again. Think on your karma. Not on your ACTIONS, but on your karma. Vision it as a formless mass like the cake dough that you are creating. Now, hold that in your mind, and bake the cake. If you have mainly bad karma? The cake will come out tasting off, or flat in some way. If you have mainly good karma? It’ll come out pretty much better than anything you’ve tasted before! If you have neutral karma? The cake will pretty much be a cake. Try experimenting with different cake recipes!

Enjoy your newfound understanding of the Three Fold Law, and use it responsibly! Love those around you, and love yourself, and all will turn out for the best!

Here’s Nicohle’s twitter: https://twitter.com/NicohleC
And blog: http://www.nchristopherson.com


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