A Pair of Wings by Serena WIck

Serena and I met a few months ago when I placed a call to Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans. She sent this sweet poem for our witch month. I can see the little girl getting into her Mommy’s things and making such a magical mess. I can also this this little one, walking in her Mama’s steps very soon. What do you think? Her links are below.
Serena, thank you so much for being a part of witch month. I loved your poem and I’m honored to feature it here.

I suddenly grew a pair of wings,
by snooping around in mommy’s things.
I said, “What’s that?” She said, “Don’t touch!
Plus, you don’t listen very much.”
I said, “But Mom, I wanna see.”
“There you go, not listening to me.”
She pushed me back and shut the door,
I couldn’t see it anymore.
That thing I saw with fairy wings,
that little box, among other things.
I had to see what that was for,
but it’s too late, she locked the door.
“Now stay away, don’t touch anything.
This closet is full of wondrous things.
But you’re much too young.
You’re not ready to see.
So it must be kept under lock and key.
Now go and play, I’ve got dinner to fix.
And I better not find you’re up to your old tricks.
You’re a clever little one. Oh, I better be sure,
that you never get to what’s behind this door.
At least not until you become of age.
Then you can learn candles and potions and sage.”
Mommy’s eyes lit up as she said these words.
Potions and sage? Words I’ve never heard.
But still I was curious, what could it be.
Besides, what’s the worst that can happen to me.
Took the key from my mom while she was asleep .
Made my way to that closet without making a peep.
Put the key in the hole, turned the knob 1-2-3.
Couldn’t wait to see, what was waiting for me.
There it was, middle shelf, on the right.
What wondrous thing would I see tonight.
I was nervous, should I touch it, what’s that sound, could it be?
Oh no, Mommy’s coming and she’s gonna catch me!
But she wasn’t coming, thank goodness, you see.
Because you ‘ll never guess what happened to me.
I reached for the box, and to my surprise
The box seemed empty, there was nothing inside.
But painted on top was a pair of wings,
and underneath that it said something.

“A pair of wings for when you need it. A breath of life is what you feed it.”

Feed what? This box? That sounds absurd.
Oh no, what is that. Is that Mom I heard?
I poked my head out and looked down the hall,
As it turns out, it was nothing at all.
With box in my hand, my heart pounding faster
I wasn’t prepared for the coming disaster.
With a twitch in my nose, from the dust I suppose
I felt a sneeze coming on, this one’s going to be strong
And I huffed and I puffed, my chest big as an ox,
I huffed and puffed, I sneezed into the box!
And just like that it happened to be
That a pair of wings sprout out of me.
Oh my gosh! What is this?! There are wings on my back!
My mom will be so mad, she’ll have a heart attack!
Go away silly wings, oh my gosh, what did I do?
Gotta make them disappear, before the night is through.
But to my despair, there was nothing I could do.
And then, I heard my mom-“Little girl! I told you!”
Always listen to your Mommy, because she knows best.
Or you see what can happen-well, you know the rest!

Follow Serena here
website: http://serenawick.wordpress.com/


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