Ye Olde Monster Lab

This is so….. Spooky.ishly great!!

Legends of Windemere

Young Frankenstein Lab Young Frankenstein Lab

Welcome to . . . please don’t touch the cobwebs.  We spent a lot of time getting those to look just right and we have enough trouble with the spiders trying to fix them.  Those poison-spewing bastards think they own the place.  That reminds me.  Wear this mask to protect yourself or sign this ‘In Case of Eye Loss’ form.  We may be mad scientists here, but we take liability very seriously.  So, what can I do for you?

This facility can build you any monster you want.  We have Kaiju-sized, tank-sized, human-sized, and . . . we have small ones too.  To be honest, we don’t get many requests for tiny creatures.  Everyone wants the big or human creatures.  I’ll have to dust off the old book and special order the parts.  Now pricing will be an issue right away.  You can’t have a single mini-monster…

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