Another helping of Macabre Macaroni

Another Macabre Macaroni story…..

Entertaining Stories

Abandoned Toys

She let the cat out and sighed at the stairway. The bedding was clean, and she had to climb the stairs to make the beds. Her grandchildren left three days ago. Her old knees could handle the climb, one more time.

She loved having them for a few weeks. Her daughter and son-in-law needed some time to themselves. It was a whirlwind of visits to the zoo, bounce houses, super hero toys and dolls.

She dreamt last night about her husband’s gentile caresses. She hadn’t had those dreams for twelve years. They were so real, it was almost as if he were in bed with her. Like his fingers walked up her stomach, making tiny tracks between her breasts. She must have bit her own lip, because there was a mark there this morning. She flushed and looked around as she relived the memories.

She unfurled the sheet…

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