The Fool’s Ritual by Peter Davis-Parker

-We’re starting of Witch month with Peter Davis-Parker. If you guys don’t know him yet, Go introduce yourselves (his links are at the bottom). Tell him I’m sending you. You’ll be glad you did, he’s a talented writer and artist. SO. . . read this great piece and then go say hi.
Thank you, Peter for being a part of this feature and the others this year.

The Fool’s Ritual
By Peter Davis-Parker

The earth whispers to me,
I sit cross legged among a semi-circle of
Herbs, pelts and a small patch of skin of an evil man.
As an extra mark of honour to please the dark angels
I place a plate of freshly severed Dove heads to my left and
Two jars on my right, one full of urine and the other of my…
I speak the words of summoning that I’ve read from
Hundreds of books and films.
The wind whips up as I begin.
I’d practiced these same words in the mirror from a book
I found on a friend’s shelf while they were otherwise occupied.
Objects begin to spin in a perfect circle around me; inside the tribute.
I feel the energy build inside the twister,
Oppressing me as it moves through me.
This is dark energy, darker than anything I had ever expected,
Anything I ever would try to conjure.
A fork of lightning strikes the ground in front of me,
Attacking the skin of the flensed man.
My body jerks as I go into full spasm.
I flee the scene, terror overwhelming me.
The few I spoke to beforehand told me I wasn’t experienced enough to summon.
They told me I wasn’t ready and damn it all,
They were right.
I knew they were right but pride got in the way.
The ground splits as I run in fear.
I see smoke rising from my circle as I glance back one last time.
What have I done?

You can find Peter here:
Peter Davis-Parker Facebook


4 thoughts on “The Fool’s Ritual by Peter Davis-Parker

  1. I’m excited to see where Witch Month goes. This was cool.

  2. dylanjmorgan says:

    Nice. I enjoyed that. I even went to follow Peter on Twitter and found out I’m already following him! Haha.

    I don’t read/write about Witches often, so I’m looking forward to what Mari has in store for us this month.

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