The Bluebell Co-Op

Great spooky story from my writing buddy. Go read it, you’ll be in the Halloween mood soon. If you’re not already.
Why are you in the Halloween spirit yet?!!!

Entertaining Stories

The Bluebell Co-Op

I poured my coffee into a plastic cup, grabbed my old cap and headed for the fields. I love walking around before the sun comes up. Sometimes you see a deer before she runs into the woods or hear a fox. It’s a magical time of day.

Besides, I’d have my ass parked in a Co-op truck for the next twelve hours. I was the new guy, so my fields got harvested last.

I waited many years to get into the Co-op. Members never leave, and someone about has to die before a new guy gets a chance.

I rounded the corner and stepped off into the first field. The wheat was tall and golden. All it had to do was stay that way for a couple more weeks. There’s always something for a farmer to worry about. This time of year it was hail, wind, or…

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