Book Review :: Seditious

Seditious By Emily Guido

The Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers have returned to Castle Charmeine. Beaming with love and happiness Charmeine anxiously awaits the birth of her child, and dreams of the other couples in the castle having babies too.

All the castle’s residents know another war waits for them, but they couldn’t have guessed what was in store for them.

Darkness waits in the shadows, by the name of Bathsheba. A flutter of her eyelashes is able to make Tabbruis and Dmitri lose their minds. Tabbruis defends Bathsheba and tries to attack Charmeine, and their unborn child.

Overwhelmed by jealousy and feelings betrayal Charmeine flees the castle. Alone and without money, she does her best to protect and provide for her baby and prepare for upcoming wars against the Light-Bearers.

MeanwhileTabbruis is at Castle Charmeine cooing over Bathsheba and fighting with Dmitri over who will have her heart. Dmitri’s daughter tells them both Bathsheba belongs to Lucifer, and she threatened Charmeine’s baby. Finally, Tabbruis realizes that he’s betrayed Charmiene.

Seditious is face-paced and full of heartbreak. Charmeine is always under attack, either physically or emotionally. Her enemies are those who she loves the most and those she hates the most.

Will Charmeine find happiness by the end of Seditious? Read to find out.

One thought on “Book Review :: Seditious

  1. sherry fundin says:

    I have been following Charmeine up until Seditious. Sounds like Emily has kept the story going in a great way. Thanks for the great review and enjoy the weekend. sherry @ fundinmental

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