This Turkish vampire can look like a regular human or a giant eagle.
ala harpy eagle
In human form it can drink boiled milk, wine, vodka, and blood.

In its eagle form a thunderstorm follows lt, lightening and hail included. During this strom the Ala swoops down into a vineyard and eats all the grapes off the vine.
Alas cause crops to be ruined

It can be killed by being shoot repeatedly with bullets made of equal parts gold, lead, silver and steel.

The Greeks and Serbians believed the Ala would eat the sun and the moon.
harpy eagle

Images are from Bing search of Harpy Eagale


2 thoughts on “Ala

  1. That is a cool bird. I wonder if the plural of ala is a root word for our word alas.

    • mari wells says:

      I don’t know it could be Ali…..
      Or there might not be a plural kind of like a Phoenix, there can only be one at a time.
      Sometimes these really old myths lack a lot of information. 😦

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