The Upiora is another strange Vampire (no milk drinking this time), but he does DRINK a lot of protein more than the normal vampire.

This Polish vampire looks like a large man.

Christopher Lee as Dracula

Christopher Lee as Dracula

Attacking its victims at night he grabs on victim and smashes the body around until the bones are broken into tiny pieces.

After eating – by sucking the smashed pulpy insides – it skins the corpse and wears the skin.
bloody pulp

The only way to kill an Upiora is to soak it completely in holy water.

5 thoughts on “Upiora

  1. You always find the most interesting stuff.

    • mari wells says:

      I’ve got some really cool ones in the line up. And some really awesome stuff in a new schedule for the new year. Still working on some of it. Anything you’d like to know more about?

  2. You seem to know the most charming people Mari 😀

    • mari wells says:

      I do know charming people . . a story reading ape. He’s charming.
      I also know some guys to call when people make me angry. Upiora is one of those guys. 😀

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