Answered Ad

A few weeks ago I placed a Wanted ad here on this blog. Yes, Undead or Alive. Craig from answered that call. He is alive, I have yet to see a 5th grade sense of humor. I think we’re still in the getting to know each other stage.

I’ve read one of his WIPs. OMG guys! I loved it, you guys have to read it when it comes out! Have to, if you don’t, I better not know about it. I’ll send the hellhounds after you.

I sent him a short story to beta read…. Oops I forgot to tell you we aren’t sharing the other’s work. If you want to know more about his WIP you better head over to his place. 😉
So, my short story is about Adriana when she was a Kindergarten…. She was strange back then too. I submitted it to an anthology, I won’t hear back for 8-12 weeks, that’s until October.

He had some great advice that I’m printing to keep in my Top Secret writing file.

You should go and follow him,
author page
And @Virgilante
his blog is a funny spot to spend some time, and there are writing gems too.


6 thoughts on “Answered Ad

  1. I’m getting quite a few visitors over at my place, and some of them promised to visit you. Hope you pick up a few regulars.

  2. Congrats to you both! Very exciting! 😀

  3. Karen says:

    Mari and Craig – you are an awesome combination of creative spirits! You rock! ⭐

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