My Writing Process Blog Tour

The AMAZING Nina D’Arcangela nominated me last week. You can go Here to read her post. You should, you’d then understand why I call her amazing. Not only does she write for herself and Pen of the Damned she also writes for (and edits- she a co-owner) of Siren’s Call Publications But that isn’t all she also owns a photography studio.

See she’s amazing!!!! If you don’t already follow her. . . first let me pick my jaw up off the floor, second go and follow her, third follow her on all social medias.

Now for all my juicy secrets.

What am I working on?
I’m working on Among the Shadows a sequel to In the Shadows (the novel I just finished -that’s being beta read right now)
Adriana married one of the vampires – James, and helped the vampire coven stop the zombie virus, that she started –yeah it gets deep. In AtS the High Witch Council has declared war on vampires because they are keeping Adriana from standing trial for her part in the zombie outbreak and for breaking witch rules. I’ve just started writing so there isn’t much to tell.

I’m trying to finish a few other novels when AtS gets annoying –I’m talking to you James! I’ll start revising a vampire novel soon (I don’t wanna, revising is hard and writing is fun). There’s two anthologies I’d like to submit to in December, that I need to get working on.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Why my work differs from others, that’s a hard question. I’d have to say, because my children are different from other children, my writing is different from other’s. It’s a part of me, no matter how small that part might be. They are my imganiary friends and they’re as strange as I am, that’s why they came to me to write their stories. I think all writers are different from eath other (even in the same genre) because they are different people from different paths. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have so many authors.

Why do I write what I do?
Why I write what I do? Why not? Write what you know, as writers that’s always part of the advice we read. I know vampires, so that’s what I write, mostly. I know witches, and other supernatural creatures, guess what else I write. 😀 I know romance and heartbreak, I know motherly love and the fear of losing a child. I know the gut wrenching sorrow of watching your child suffer and doctors doing their best to keep the alive for something as simple as a food allergy. What I don’t know I learn. So why do I write what I do? Because I take what I know and love and twist it until it hurts to love it and in that way I heal my own wounds, insecurities, and give myself strength to face it all again.

How does my writing process work?
Process? LOL, there is no process. Once upon a time I tried to create a process I rarely wrote when I did that. Homeschooling four kids, I’ve learned to write when I can. Jot notes or record my thoughts on a scene. That recording my thoughts worked twice until I had little demons running around saying “Note to self…… and repeating my scene.” I try to wake up extra early and write, but sometimes that doesn’t work well after I’ve spent most the night writing. When I write at night, there’s usually a scented candle burning. There’s nothing like writing by candlelight, the flickering of the flame casting eerie shadows across the wall. The Muse lurking in the corner of the room, shrieking at times.

Now for my nominees. Actually I’m only choosing one.

Jeanie Grey
Photo on 2012-01-16 at 12.49 #2
Jeanie Grey is a feminist writer and reader of romance and erotica currently working on three romance novels – a scifi-vampire-suspense, a contemporary, & a historical pirate – scheduled to come out in 2014. She’d love to connect with you via Twitter (@jeaniegrey) or Facebook. You can also email her at writejeaniegrey (at) gmail (dot) com.


4 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Hi Mari! Thank you for the thank you!! lol – Wonderful insight on the process of not having a process, just finding the time to get it done! I love that. Thanks for letting me rope you into the endless bond of chain-blogging! 😉

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Great post, Mari! Ya know, you really should research your vampires a little more so you know what the heck it is you’re talking about lol 😛
    Seriously, I love all your blog posts, and I’m very excited to hear about both your novels! 🙂

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