The Blood and the Cauldron – Part 2

Everyone who knows Karen’s writing knows it gets HOT and steamy. She’s about to make it hot and steamy up on this blog. You know if you’ve got Little “eyes” all around you or not. If you do, I recommend you come back once those little “eyes” take their naps. 😀

The Blood and the Cauldron – Part 2

‘No,’ he whispered. ‘It’s not true. It can’t be. I’ve seen you in daylight. You can’t…you can’t…’
The corners of Cara’s mouth turned up. ‘Never full daylight, Ewan. At dawn and dusk. If I’ve consumed enough human blood I can withstand the light. It lulls people into a false sense of security.’
He scrambled towards the door, but the acolytes caught him. His body betrayed him, refusing to fight as lust surged at their touch. Forcing his mind to overcome his treacherous limbs, he struggled in their grasp. He might as well have fought against steel. They held him easily as Cara approached.
‘Ewan.’ Her voice slid over him like silk. ‘Don’t fight. It’s a long time since I’ve met anyone like you. So passionate, so determined. I want you. I want you to want me.’
‘I did want you. I thought we – we…’
‘We were. We are. Give yourself to me. I’m still the same woman you wanted. Be mine.’
‘I’ll die.’ His voice was flat. He couldn’t escape. The acolytes would kill him, if Cara didn’t.
‘That’s up to you.’
‘I can’t become one of you. Not after…’ He refused to think of his sister. He had sworn revenge for her death. Now the other woman he loved was one of the enemy. He was drowning in horror and lust. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t move.
His vision swam as he gazed into her eyes. Please, he begged silently. He was no longer asking for release. Instead, he was pleading for it not to hurt, for her somehow to take away the pain at discovering her true self. She understood.
She wrapped her arms round him, and her lips met his in a gentle kiss. He was falling, falling into oblivion. She tasted of cinnamon and chocolate. The sensible part of his mind screamed for him to reach for his stake and destroy her, to at least die fighting. He dismissed that voice, giving into desire. Base instincts took over as he pressed against her and writhed in her arms.
‘Give yourself to me,’ Cara murmured again. Ewan closed his eyes and moaned, at war with himself. The other two vampires had let go of his arms, and were running their hands down his back, his thighs, reaching between his legs and stroking his most sensitive flesh. His mind became a blur of hot wet longing. He kissed Cara back fiercely, and sensed her exultation as his last defences dropped. She licked the roof of his mouth and bit his tongue, drawing blood and already feasting on him. He was lifted, carried, floating as light as a feather while they caressed him. Pleasure coursed at every touch, every stroke, every kiss. Now they were laying him on something soft…he opened his eyes and saw the canopy of the four poster above.
The vampires spread him out on the bed. His body revelled in their sensual touch even as his mind screamed at him to resist, to fight, to run… His pinioned wrists were kissed and caressed by soft lips and tongues. Cara sat astride his legs, and ran her nails down his chest and abdomen. He groaned at the sensation and closed his eyes. Fight! The tiny voice that was his mind shouted. Throw her off! His body dismissed that voice, writhing in ecstasy as the two holding his wrists suckled his fingers and licked the soft skin on the insides of his arms.
Ewan’s back arched as Cara continued to caress his chest, running her fingernails over his nipples. Pain suddenly shot through him as the others sank their teeth into each wrist. His eyes flew open as the voice in his head broke through the pleasure for a second, and he tried to pull away from their grasp. Cara ran her hands down his body and placed them on his groin, stroking him through his jeans and banishing all thoughts of escape. The pain receded to a dull ache as the young vampires drank slowly, softly, saving the best for their mistress. He pressed his erection against Cara’s hands, desperate for more. With a wicked smile, she unbuttoned his fly and freed him. She lowered her head and brushed the tip of his cock with her lips. He moaned and tried to raise his hips from the bed, aching for a firmer touch.
Cara slid him further into her mouth. His world dissolved until all sensation was centred on that one part of him. The other vampires were forgotten. The voice of reason inside his head receded to a distant murmur. His body was a thing apart, trembling with desire and lust. It no longer mattered that the acolytes were slowly but surely draining his blood. All that mattered was Cara, sucking him harder and harder. Her nails raked the tender skin of his belly, slicing his flesh so that the blood flowed freely. Dimly, he was aware that she was licking that blood from his cock as she fellated him.
He was growing dizzy. His vision danced and he closed his eyes once more as his orgasm approached. The tiny voice of reason inside broke through for one last time, but he was too weak to fight even if he had wanted to. Yet he knew what would happen the moment he came. Cara would sink her fangs into his flesh and suck him dry in more ways than one. On the other side of this pleasure and pain lay only death.

To be continued in Part 3…

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  1. Karen Soutar says:

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    Okay folks, this is the EROTIC part of my vampire story. AND there’s blood. You have been warned… 😉

  2. tmewalsh says:

    Yeah, you weren’t kidding about the blood! 😉 Steamy stuff 🙂

  3. Woo! *fans self* And what a place to cut up the story, Karen! *runs to read Part 3*

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