Vampire Conspiracy

I met Daven almost two years ago. He’s first novel Vampire Syndrome is pretty awesome. You should read it. I’m confident the second novel is the same. He’s given us an excerpt. Thank you Daven for coming by. πŸ˜€

Jack Wendell:

The good news: Zetania’s still alive.

The bad news: The Pures want to trade her for me.

I’ll do it. I can save Zetania and prevent a war between the
Human Vampires and the Pures. She can’t declare a war if the Pures keep their bargain. I wouldn’t let her. I might have to be a servant to those shark-toothed monsters for the rest of my life, but thousands of human Vampires will get to live in peace because of my choice. At least I will know in my heart that I am a hero. Sometimes heroes don’t get recognized for what they did, but a real hero doesn’t care about that.

Damien’s not gonna like this. He wants to go into the Pures’
hideout with me, to “keep me safe.” Hah. He wants to attack them. I saw how he looked at Gl’Ag on the video screen. I told Damien we’d be way outnumbered in the cave, but he didn’t seem to care. Problem is, he might not be planning to get out of the Pures’ hideout alive. I’m afraid he’s gonna hide a big bomb in his leather coat. Then we’d all be dead. Zetania told me about how she visited heaven and saw her family after the car crash. I’d want Coach Ron and Diane to be in heaven with me after I die. But that could take a long time, since they’re Vampires now.

Or maybe not. Coach Ron and Diane just told Damien they’d be
willing to go in the Pures’ hideout with us.

“No, don’t do it!” I yell. “Please, I beg you. Stay
outside and be safe.”

“Zetania would do it for you,” Diane says.

A tear slides down my cheek. Diane’s right. I know Zetania
would. Damn it all, we’re doomed.

Daven Anderson spends his nights modifying cars for the Council of Thirteen’s elite Venator law enforcers; because when you’re a Vampire, there’s no such thing as “too much horsepower.” Daven brings supercharged concept cars to life, so the Venators have the power they need to chase rabid vampires, chupacabras, cattle-mutilating aliens, vampire hunters, and whoever or whatever else the Council deems a threat to the security of the Vampire community.

The Venators love to have long conversations with Daven while he works on their cars. Unbeknownst to them, Daven has been secretly recording the Venators’ tales, using them as the basis for the Vampire Syndrome saga. After a long night’s work, Daven plays back the tapes, transcribes the best excerpts and sends them as “fiction writing” to the unsuspecting staff members at PDMI Publishing, LLC.

The normal people’s constant misrepresentations and misunderstandings of Vampires over the last three centuries, culminating in the most recent shimmering, over-emoting caricatures of “vampires”, finally motivated Daven to “hide the truth in plain sight” with the Vampire Syndrome saga. Thanks to Daven’s transcriptions, with the assistance of PDMI Publishing, LLC, the normal world can at long last read the tales of the Vampires’ elite law enforcers, without the sugar-coated glittering stardust that passes for modern “vampire fiction.”

Daven has just finished his second volume of transcriptions from the Venators’ tales, soon to be released as a “fiction novel” titled “Vampire Conspiracy” (coming soon from PDMI Publishing, LLC)

Available now: Vampire Syndrome (Kindle)


5 thoughts on “Vampire Conspiracy

  1. Not only can Daven write a killer Vampire tale (no pun intended) he has also been a huge inspiration and supporter of those who write/blog about Vampires we can all believe in (he is “the guy”). Thank you Daven and Mari.

  2. Reblogged this on Vampire Syndrome Blog and commented:
    Thank you Mari Wells for featuring me on your blog!

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