Awakening 3 :: Book Review

Awakening 3 by Jeanie Grey

Jeanie Grey is one of my favorite vampire authors of all time. I love how I can be sucked (LMAO sucked, that was so unintended.) into her stories. I don’t emerge from her worlds until I’ve finished the story. I can’t wait for her other projects!

Awakening 3 is the last book in The Lilly Frank series, and I personally loved it. If you aren’t familiar with Lilly Frank or the rest of the series, get them by clicking on these little links.
Awakening (Lilly Frank Series) and Awakening 2 (Lilly Frank Series)

In Awakening 2 Lilly (living in Italy with Torren) was brutally tortured at the end of the last book, she was on the brink of death. Yes, vampires can die from torture. Her creator/boyfriend (that’s really the best way to describe Torren) was unable to help her. He also found his first love at the time.

Still bleeding Lilly runs away, and Torren doesn’t follow her. I have to cut Torren some slack. He was in shock.

Book three. A few decades have passed, and Lilly returns to Italy. She meets with some friends from book two, but tries to stay away from Torren. She soon realizes she can’t stay away; she really loves him and misses him. Her friend gives her his address and she goes in search of him. Finding him in the most unexpected of places, she’s surprised to find he’s still with Victoria his first love.

I really don’t like Victoria from Book 2 so I’ve held a grudge, but I have to say….. I still didn’t like her for most of this book too. Anyways…. Torren and Victoria talk and she admits to erasing Lilly from his mind. He leaves and finds Lilly, there are some steamy scenes, Ms. Grey is an erotica author after all.

But, Oh, I could smack Torren for this. He didn’t find Lilly to live happily ever after with her, he just wanted to reconnect with her, but he does not intend to leave Victoria.

Outside of Lilly’s love life, the book has some interesting stuff going on too. It’s set in the future. New Roma, is built mostly in glass, there are hovercrafts for transportation, and scanners in your wrist. Vampire wise, the vampire council is trying to decide if they should come out, there’s talk about cloning blood. Cloned blood would make vampire feeding easier, and if vampires come out of hiding, there would be good reason to clone it.

During the debates on coming out are going one, Lilly and Victoria are becoming friends. I’m not going to give the ending away. It’s such a fabulous twist; I want you all to enjoy it without any spoilers.

Release date is tomorrow July 5th, I’ll get you guys the links as soon as I have them. 😀


2 thoughts on “Awakening 3 :: Book Review

  1. Yay! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review AWAKENING 3, Mari! 😀

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