I have a friend from now on he’ll be called “W”. I don’t remember meeting W, it seems to me he was always there. I’ve asked my mom, sister, and Grandpa if they know W -these are my remaining close family from my younger years. None of them knew who I was talking about.

Seems W has been “my special friend” -read imaginary- but that isn’t true. None of my other imaginary friends made it to my adult years, or send me correspondence. Scarier still W knows things about me even after we lose touch. For example he’s known when and where I move to, when my children were born -all without contact from me or my family.

I’ve come to love W. I guess I think of him like my fairy Godfather. He keeps his distance, but he’s there when I need him. He’s teached me so much of my paranormal knowledge, I should think of him as my mentor -or maybe my father.

I can recognize correspondence from him while the envelope or packages is still yards away. He has the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen. To tell the truth his handwriting was why I took up Calligraphy when I was a tween.

W’s letters and gifts are cryptic. They’re also beyond special! I have various security boxes that are full of gifts he’s sent me through the decades. Back to the cryptic. . . An example of this, he sends me a book. Two or three weeks later a letter comes. There won’t be a return address, the letter has a number or two and that’s it. Sometimes another letter will come a few weeks later. Armed with the book, the first letter’s number I find the page. The second letter’s number will tell me which line is to be read. Occasionally the numbers are Longitude and Latitude numbers.

If I don’t understand the meaning and respond. I’ll received another letter with more clarification.

One thought on “W

  1. This is lovely Mari. We all need a friend like W in our lives.

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