Blood War Trilogy :: Book Review

Sometimes late at night I stay awake and think about paranormal creatures. Usually vampires are what I think about, I’ve given a lot of thought about vampires and werewolves. Half the time those thoughts linger on the two being supreme hunters, and both hunt the same prey.

What would a war between the two be like???

I have to thank Dylan J. Morgan. His Blood War Trilogy has cleared up a lot of my concerns.

The first book in the trilogy is Blood Lines it begins at the end of 12th century, both werewolves and vampires decide to hunt on the same night. A vampire decapitates a werewolf’s head. That’s all it took to begin the war!

Morgan adds into the warring species by adding a hybrid clan. Humans are turned into vampires or werewolves and join into the war. Vampires and werewolves continue fighting, sometimes the war between these two calms as one or the other fights with the hybrid clan. Both sides have soldiers that have been fighting for centuries, like Anton, who dies at the end of Blood Lines. I have to warn you there are a lot of nightmares that chase after humans, most the humans are killed, but there is one, Deanna that gets away.

Monsters and Mortals is part two. Deanna is chased by the hybrid clan throughout most of this novel. She joins forces with Fabio a doctor who found bodies that died at the hands of vampires, he also found a dead So what does this fool do? He creates a website with pictures of his autopsies. Now the vampires are chasing him. Deanna partnered with someone who’s being chased by vamps, now both hybrids and vamps are chasing her. Other people are brought into this novel too. Their stories continue into book three.

In The Last Stand, the vampires and werewolves decided to join forces to eliminate the hybrid clan. Each side plans how they’ll kill the other side once the hybrids are gone. I have to say this is my favorite of the three books. At the end they were successful in killing all the hybrids.

If you like your monsters, be it werewolves or vampires this trilogy is for you. These creatures are in no way sweet or sparkly. There’s some real threat of fight and injury in these bitters.

Here are the Amazon links so you can buy your own copies.

BLOODLINES — Blood War Trilogy: Book I

Monsters and Mortals – Blood War Trilogy Book II

The Last Stand — Blood War Trilogy Book III

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