A Call To Arms, Nah, JK

A Call To Arms!!!!

Nah, just kidding.

But I am making a call to those of you who read my blog…..

Some of you follow me on FB and/or Twitter… If you do you know I’ve been hard at work on a novel.

In the Shadows

I’m it’s friend so I call it ITS for short… you can now too. Well it’s done and ready for some beta readers!

Mari, what’s it about? I can hear you all asking… I’m calling it a NA Paranormal Distopian, or maybe a NA Distopian Romance with paranormal components. I’ve used Vampire Romance meets Zombie Apocalypse to describe it.

Would you like a little more? Those of you have followed me for a long time know of the strange Ponderings of an insomniac that I suffer. This novel is based on that, What would a vampire do if he came across a zombie? but there’s a bit more. In October a friend confined in me that she fears nothing but zombies, so I did some research, and found real zombies are nothing like the ones on TV. These traditional Voodoo zombies got me thinking about that night of insomnia, and In the Shadows was born.

Here’s a blurb……

Adriana Bocanegra finds herself in the predicament of a lifetime. Her High Priestess keeps tasking her with tedious work. She has the cunning idea to raise a zombie slave from his grave, thinking she can return him before anyone notices. What she doesn’t know is the dark past of this two-century old black man. His deep understanding as a magician of the Dark Arts leads to a viral attack upon Phoenix. As their food supply starts dying off at alarming rates, the regional vampire coven must investigate in order to find a cure.

If you’re interested in beta reading. Message me here, or on FB or Twitter… I have those cute little clickies on the side>>>>>>>


4 thoughts on “A Call To Arms, Nah, JK

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Chapter 1 has me hooked! Must resist urge to read all day and not get any work done… 😉

  2. highwulf says:

    I’d be happy to beta read it 🙂

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