Flesh Eating Vampires

The Vis hunts the Lakaliai People of New Britten. It flies at night in search of prey. It uses long shiny talons to rip out its victims eyes before drinking his blood and consuming its flesh.


Loup Carou

Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp hides the Loup Carou. (Lou CA rou)

This bi-ped, hairy vampire creature is said to stand over seven feet tall, and to weigh more than 400 pounds.
It smells of death, has sickly yellow eyes that are set wide apart on its head.

As the legend goes, the Loup Carou was a child that got lost in the swamp. There’s a chance it was abandoned there.

An alligator mother raised him as her own. It lives in an area of the swamp that can only be reached by boat but he often finds his way to civilization to feed on humans and livestock.


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