Vampire Birthdays

Not only is today Vampire Wednesday, but it’s also my birthday, so I decided why not, let’s talk about where vampires come from.


When a mommy vampire loves a daddy vampire very much.

I had to do that! It was too good to pass up.


So really. . . When a vampiress and a vampire have sex, baby vampires usually follow.

Wait! What?


Well kind of, some believe that can happen, but usually unless she’s a Succubus it doesn’t’ happen that way. Some traditional Succubi can’t carry a pregnancy, so it could be very wrong.

There are some types of male vampires that can father children with a human female. Twilight wasn’t that off.

Remind me to do some posts on Incubi and Succubi because they’re awesome!


If a newborn’s daddy isn’t a vampire, there’s still a chance a baby might be a vampire.

I can hear you guys yelling. . . A vampire bit mommy. Yeah that might work, but there’s still other ways.


If your baby is born with a caul, that gives it a chance of being a vampire.

I can hear you sigh, I remember you telling me that. What else did you tell me?

A baby born with teeth or a tail will probably be a vampire.


If Christmas is the baby’s birthday, that means he or she is a vampire. Why? Because it’s sacrilegious to be born on the Savior’s birthday.

I know some people born on Christmas they aren’t vampires. They are atheists, that might be the reason they’re not. Also, the seventh son of a seventh son will be born as a vampire. I’m sure the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter will do it for girls too.


We can’t forget about being a newborn vampire as an adult. If you’re bitten, you are reborn as a vampire. Some vampires can spit on you! Seriously, if they spit on you, guess what? You’re a vampire.


Drinking large amounts of vampire blood will also turn you. I’m keeping my vials of Vamp blood hidden for that reason.


Hope you all enjoyed this mini vampire birthday lesson. Now, I’m off to hang with my fledglings, there’s so much they have to learn.


I wish they had those cute pacifiers when my little ones were babies. I would have bought them by the crate.

Photos from Google search.


16 thoughts on “Vampire Birthdays

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARI (love the baby pacifier photos LOL) 😀 😀 😀

  2. Karen Soutar says:

    Happy Birthday Mari! And what a great post! xx

  3. This is wonderful! Who can resist a baby – especially a vampire baby! Happy Birthday – wishing you a wonderful year.

  4. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday, Mari! Thank you for this fab post!

  5. elsie elmore says:

    Happy Birthday, Mari 🙂 and thanks for sharing the vampire info. Informative as always. Love the pics!

  6. dylanjmorgan says:

    Happy birthday Mari!

  7. Ch'kara says:

    Happy Birthday have a magikal day

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