Australia’s Aboriginal people have a vampire creature in their lore. This vampire spirit is called a Mrart. It believed the mrart is a restless spirit of a community member.


Their powers are strongest at night. It goes to campfires and pulls its victim from the light of the campfire.

Aborigines believe the mrart and other spirits can pocesses a body, even while the body’s original spirit still resides within. To make sure the body of a deceased person never rises again, Aborigines tie rocks to the corpse when placed in the grave. Sometimes the limbs are broken.

The deceased’s belongings are destroyed and their personal campsite is never used again.

2 thoughts on “Mrart

  1. uksimon says:

    Are they the white or black ones with the red eyes? They seemed more lost and curious than anything.

    If not what do those ones look like? Tries to draw breath from you?

    • mari wells says:

      I’m not sure I understand your question. I didn’t mention eyes or such.
      Some vampires can suck your breath from your body, they can also suck your soul or energy. If they take energy you’ll be tired or worn out afterwards. In extreme cases they can take enough energy that you’d die. If they take your soul, you’ll either die or wander like a ghost sort of thing, depending on the vampire.

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