This German vampire’s name literally means avid chewer.

Martin Luther the father of the Protestant Reformation received a series of reports about the Begierig from Minister George Rhorer.

A Begierig can be created by any of these three ways. If it’s born with a caul, if it dies by drowning or when it’s buried the clothes it wears hats it own name sewn into them. The Begierig is known to be mischievous: tying the village cows’ tails together. However, this vampire never leaves its grave. It lies in it’s gave with its left eye open and chewing on its burial shroud. After consuming its shroud it beings to chew on its own body. Chewing shrouds and the body is hard and pig-like grunts are made while gnawing.

The Begierig sounds harmless so far. Eating its own body inside its own grave doesn’t sound dangerous, not unless you live near the grave and the grunts keep you awake all night. The Begierig do pose dangers though. They have psychic powers and with these powers, they drain physical and emotion energy from their families.
The family can protect themselves by eating a lot of garlic.

Knows as plague carriers, care has to be taken when exhuming the body. The corpse is covered in open sores and the constant chewing poses a risk of being bitten. Coins, stones, or other similar objects hove to be placed in the mouth. You could also tie the mouth closed with clean white linen.

Beheading and burning the body until ash is left will kill it.

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  1. Very interesting…they don’t sound very nice, do they?:-) Thanks for sharing. Bright Blessings

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