German Vampire lore has an evil vampire spirit, The Unholde, which translates to mean “the one that is not good or beautiful.”

The Unholde acts out against mankind, especially Christians.

It abducts its victims, cuts out their hearts, then cooks and eats it. A new heart is made of wood, and its placed inside the corpse.

A magical ceremony is preformed to reanimate the corpse. The Unholde was traditionally considered to be a magical practioner- or hexe. The word hexe come to mean a human magical practioner in the late 17th century, by the early 18thcentury it was used to mean witch.

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3 thoughts on “Unholde

  1. I’m really enjoying these bits of research. Thanks.

  2. Karen says:

    Your research always uncovers stuff I’d never have imagined, Mari. This is awesome.

  3. Love this creature, Mari, especially the name and what it means. I’m always intrigued to find how European vampiric folklore differs from North American. It seems we tend to sexualize immortals whereas Europe, moreover, Eastern Europe, keeps them horrific and dangerous.

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