Werewolf Thank Yous.

A very heartfelt HOWL to all those who participated in Werewolf Month.

Thank you all for sending me your short stories, interviews, excerpts, and bios.

Without you guys Werewolf Month wouldn’t exist.


Thank you all so much.


11 thoughts on “Werewolf Thank Yous.

  1. T’was a good month to be a werewolf Mari 😀

  2. Karen Soutar says:

    Thank you for featuring me! Was great fun and sparked lot of ideas. 🙂

  3. This was by far our favorite month of blogging, Mari. The werewolf posts on your blog kept us entertained, intrigued and inspired. We can’t wait for next year and are even more excited July’s vampire and November’s witch month. Hope Karen returns for both. 😉

  4. dylanjmorgan says:

    Thanks for letting me write my words on your blog, Mari. Werewolves kick ass, we all know that.

  5. it was our honour & privilege Mari, thanks for having us

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