I’ve written a small piece for werewolf month. Once I started I realized this would be bigger than a short story. So I’ll give you what I have now, then come back to it later.

The damp earth molds to my form. Stars peek through the treetops. Dried leaves crunch in the distance. Her blue eyes glow between tree trunks as she emerges from her hiding place. Others follow her. One by one, they lay around me.

At my left, brilliant blue eyes, of the Alpha female, stare at me piercing my soul. At my right the black wolf lays down, his black eyes also pierce me. Tonight isn’t the first time they gather with me. It’s not the first time we lay silently on soft cold soil waiting for rainfall. Somehow, this pack is my family.

Droplets of dried blood stick to the Alpha’s silver fur, bringing out the deep blue of her eyes even more. We cried two nights ago. Her tears were blood. Her moist nose presses against my cheek. It’s time, she says into my mind.

The black wolf howls. My heart stops beating for a brief second. Deep inside my being I know what’s about to happen will change the rest of my life. The three black and grey wolves with us howl in response. Tears roll down my cheeks. Fear claws its grip into my heart. The black wolf runs his long tongue across my face, licking my tears. Tongues lick my legs.

Pain shoots through my feet up my legs. Razors slice through my skin and muscles. Screams scratch through my gullet to pierce the night. The silver wolf nuzzles my cheek, It’ll be over soon.

My heart races, blood pulsates through my ripped arteries. Frigid air stings my exposed flesh. Unable to stop myself from shaking, I feel fangs tear through my arms scratching bone. Turning to my left, the blue eyes are welling with blood. I’m sorry. You’ll understand soon.

Acid presses its way into my mouth, my head throbs, and spins. Snapping jaws crush my knees and elbows. The pain claws its way to my heart, penetrating and slicing, slowing its forced beat. My body is heavy.

Everything turns black.

Warmth surrounds me. Howling echoes through my tingling body. She’s still at my side, her breath warming my clammy brow. Ready? she asks.
My lips part, no words form. A hand covered in black fur reaches to help me stand up. The black wolf has taken a wolfen biped form. He and I run on two legs as the others on four legs stay at our sides.
Something within the Alpha has changed.

His fingers curl around the knob, his large body presses against the door opening it. Stepping aside he allows me passage. My eyes adjust to the interior. I freeze.

Four grey wolves stare at us with lifeless yellow eyes. Blood forces through my legs pushing me closer. Trembling my hand reaches out towards them, when the wolf in the back catches my attention. An alpha male, but why would the alpha be at the back.
That was her Alpha, the black biped wolf says.

Tears burn in my eys, her alpha.
Come on, you need to see the rest.
No, she shouldn’t. That was enough.
She needs to understand.
They argue within my mind.

His fingers wrap around my wrist, tugging me from the four stuffed wolves and into a hallway. A bearskin lays at the base of a stair case leading to the second floor. Caveman tools made of bone are perched on shelves. Skins and heads cover the walls. Yellow marbled eyes watch my shock.

Blood seeps from the walls pooling at my feet. Shrieks pierce my bones. Rage boils in my twisting belly. Acid pushes from my stomach to my mouth burning at the back of my jaws. A steady thump comes from upstairs.
What do I call you?
They call me Corina, the Alpha female’s voice echoes in my mind.
I’m sorry, Corina.

I climb the stairs two at a time. My campanion follows close behind. Boom-boom, Boom-boom, Boom-boom, leads me to a bedroom. A figure lays in bed unaware of our presence. Standing over the body watching him sleep my right hand reaches down and grips his neck. My fingers press against his left jugular vein. His blood pulsates under my fingertips. Before he opens his eyes, my claws have punctured his skin.

Blood flows over my talons, tickling me. Does he watch his victims die, like I’m doing now? Excitement fills his mind as his eyes dart from me to my follower. Pride soaks his blood as he thinks of displaying our skins. A trophy no one else has.
Killer, Corina cries.
My eyes well with tears again. He took something from her. He took life from so many others.

My grip tightens, tips of claws press against my palm. Muscle, throbing viens and contracting airways are crushed my hand. Pulling my hand away, leaving a gaping hole in his neck. The air fills with the scent of rusty sweetiness. Blood spouts at me, soaking his bedsheets, before the life in his eyes fades away.

Within my chest my lungs constrict, keeping my heart form it’s regular beating. A hand rests on my left shoulder.
“I’m sorry you had to do this, but I’m so proud of you.” This voice isn’t in my head. A voice I’d known since my birth.
Turning around my father stands before me, his black hair falling into his black eyes. His human hands pushes the hair back.
“I guess I should explain.”


8 thoughts on “Werewolves

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Oohh, can’t wait to read more of this! Your werewolf month has been excellent: so many great stories and facts. Thank you, Mari! xx

  2. Karen says:

    More, Mari, more! 🙂

  3. Joseph Pinto says:

    Love it! But no fair, we want more!! 🙂

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