Vampire Werewolves 2

Jé Rouge

In Haitian lore there’s a werewolf-vampire hybrid called Jé Rouge. (the “Jé” is pronounced “J”)
Jé Rouge means “red eyed.”
When someone evil dies he can rise again as a wolf that only feeds on human blood.
There’s only one way to destroy it. Its head must be cut off by a new sexton’s spade. The head must be thrown into a river.


Ancient Greek monstorous Vampire called mormo or the “terrible One.”
In groups they were called “Mormolykeia” “the terrible wolves.”
It can shape-shift into a beautiful young lady and lure handsome men, draining them of their blood and eating their flesh.
If the mormo can find Attractive men. It settles for the elderly and children.


People in the Breton area of France believe in the Bleiz-Garv (pronounced Blaze-Gar-IF).
This creature occurs when a werewolf dies. It will rise to be a vampire.
Bleiz-Garv means “cruel wolf.”

4 thoughts on “Vampire Werewolves 2

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Oohh, lots of great information. *takes notes*

  2. It’s amazing how many myths play off each other. And, though a lot of people view other cultures as foreign and different (even weird) they are so similar at their core… especially when it comes to the supernatural. 😉 Love that about the world. That though we look different, act different, sound different, we all fear the same bump in the night.

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