My Lover’s Side

Sheila and I met in January 2013. We’ve been through a lot since then. When I decided to dedicate a month to Werewolves, I had to hit her up for a poem. She’s been writing wolf poems for such a long time, (and I love them) I knew she had to be a part of this month. Thank you, Sheila.

My Lover’s Side by Sheila Hall

My moonlight lover is calling my name
Sweet notes of longing travel over the plains.
I see the Moon Mother, pregnant with light
Blessing my union and beckoning my flight
Safely to my lover’s side.

I must travel in secret with the stars as my guide
Through the dense forest trees and steep hillsides.
Over dirt laden paths littered with stone
Past predators of plenty that call this place home
Rushing to my lover’s side.

Up to the meadow where we first met
I throw off my cloak to wear only my sweat.
Bathed in the pale light of the Goddess Above
My heart fills with gladness and the truest of love
Summoning me to my lover’s side.

Out of the forest, he moves toward me with grace
Perfection in form and handsome in face
The darkest of manes, the bluest of eyes
Intense force of presence heating my insides.
Running to my lover’s side.

Our coupling is hard, primal in its pace
Mounting me from behind, an animalistic embrace.
The heat of his fur, the bite of his teeth
Causing me to scream out with my own fast release,
All at my lover’s side.

His howl of triumph heralds his seed
Pumping it deep inside me, wanting to breed
To carry his pups, the next line of wolves
To become his mate and all it involves
To stay at my lover’s side.

I push back against him, wanting it all
Reveling in scratches made by his paws.
Begging out loud for more of his thrusts
Baring my neck, the ultimate trust.
To be worthy to be at my lover’s side.

You can find Sheila at
Blog: Desires In The Dark
Site: Fireside Press
and on Twitter: @thedarkerfun

She also is editor/co-owner of Fireside Press which can be found Fireside Popsicles or their FBPage
Their first book will be released this month!


2 thoughts on “My Lover’s Side

  1. This was a wonderful project to be a part of. Thank you, Mari dear!
    *tackle hugs*

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