The festival of Lupercalia or Luperci is celebrated on February 15th some say it honors Romulus and Remus.

Ancient Roman Lupecali festivals were continuations of ancient blooding rites of the hunter. This ritual involved a hunter being covered with the blood of his first kill.

The God Lupercus represented as a wolf inspired men to act like wolves, thus being a werewolf during the festival.

The sacrifice of a she goat represented the early humans’ flocks is followed by the sacrifice of a dog. The protector of the flock and the attacking wolf’s first kill.

The she goat’s and dog’s blood are mixed and a bloodstained knife is dipped in the mixed blood then slowly rubbed across the foreheads of two noble-born children.  The blood is wiped off with a piece of wool cloth that was dipped in milk as the children are being cleaned they’re expected to laugh. This shows their lack of fear of blood and that they know they’re receiving magical protection against wolves and werewolves.

It’s believed by certain scholars that this blood ritual is a leftover of a much earlier version of Lupecali when the smearing of blood on the forehead indicated the person had been “wolf-blooded” and would forever be a solitary outlaw, or a lycanthrope.

Robert Eisler links the roman She wolf Lupa Romana with the Luperci festival.

Priests sacrifice a she gat at the entrance of the old lupercal or wolves’ den. Establishing the original founders of Rome as members of a tribe that used wolf as their name.

In deeper research, Robert Eisler found the use of the word Lupercal to mean a brothel and the poets Livy and Ovid said the she-wolf who nursed the twins was a harlot dress in wolf skins.


**For those of you out there who don’t like Valentine’s Day. I invite you to celebrate Lupercalia instead. 😉 **


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