Amongst the Wolves

I’m honored to present you all an excerpt from Amongst the Wolves by Danielle Vedsted. Thank you, Danielle for sharing with us.

I lost my train of thought and my mouth started working on its own accord. I told him what had happened yesterday with Dustin and then about my unusual dream. After I was done I took a deep breath, “So, what’s happening to me?”
Kenneth sat in silence for a moment, apparently deep in thought.
I squirmed, waiting for him to say something.
Finally, Kenneth looked at me again and gave me a reassuring smile. “I think you lack companionship. It sounds to me like you need a friend.”
“Wait. What? I’m lonely? That’s why I just dreamt about a pack-wide apocalypse and totally flunked my practice hunt yesterday?”
“It’s not unusual for a trainee to mess up every now and then. No one is perfect.”
I rolled my eyes. That couldn’t be the whole reason.
Kenneth interrupted my thoughts. “Have you tried getting to know any of the other Slayers?”
“Um, about that…” I tried to figure out a way to tell Kenneth that I wasn’t anywhere near as popular as Ness thought I was.
But Kenneth already seemed to know. “Sometimes slayers find it hard to get along with humans. Sometimes we just don’t mix well.”
“Mom is a human.” I blurted out.
“She is indeed. Your father never had a problem with humans. He loved them. That makes him an even better slayer, as it is our soul purpose to protect humans from the wolves. The better you know and understand humans, the easier it is to look after them.”
“And if you can’t get along with humans—?”
“Look at it this way. Pretend that humans are cats. If a slayer is a ‘cat person’, they’ll give their all to protect the ‘cats’. But if a certain slayer is more of a dog lover, they care less about taking care of the ‘cats’.”
“So its bad that I don’t get along with humans?”
“It depends. Do you hate the humans?”
“Of course not.”
“Do you love them.”
“Do you want to see the humans killed?”
“Then you’re a good slayer. You know what you’re supposed to be doing. You have a good heart. You just need to be around people who care about you. Your slayer family cares about you, Viv. The humans you go to school with are narrow-minded and care only about themselves. Do you understand that?”
I nodded.
“Good. Oh, Viv, there’s something else that you must know. You live in a world of chaos. You live side-by-side with both wolves and humans. You go to school with them, too. But slayers are not allowed to fight with wolves in public. Do you understand? You need to avoid wolves.”
“If wolves are so dangerous, why do you let them live?”
“I don’t understand your question.”
“Why do you let wolves into the same schools as humans and slayers? Why do we all live in the same towns and go to the same stores, libraries and playgrounds?”
“Because most wolves are humans, Viv. Unless they are users or royalty, they can only transform during the full moon. Then the wolf in them takes over, causing them to kill humans and fight slayers. The rest of the month, wolves are just like us. They have jobs and families and grand futures. But, as with humans and even slayers, wolves can be corrupted. There are wolves who can be outstanding citizens, and there are wolves who turn into robbers and murderers. We are all the same, Viv, keep that in mind. You have to be careful. Okay?”
“I need to go, Viv. But please call on me again if you ever need anything.”
“Sure thing.” I mumbled, almost positive I wouldn’t.
I watched Kenneth pull out of our driveway and when he was out of sight; I snuck back upstairs, grabbed my hoodie, and returned outside for an early morning jog.
I jammed my earphones in and cranked it nearly all the way up. As I ran, my thoughts circled around my head and what Kenneth had said. Could it really be that I was lonely? Was that it? I figured I better forget about it. After all, if Kenneth said it, it must have been true. That being, he said to avoid the wolves. And there was one wolf I couldn’t possibly avoid… Gabe.
All at once, the hair on my neck stood straight up and I barely had time to stop and turn around before I got bowled over.
I relied on my trusty pocket knife, but returned it to its place when I saw the huge grin on Gabe’s face.
In one swift move, I was back on my feet and moving again.
“You’re getting a little rough aren’t you?” I asked curtly.
“Why? Did I hurt you?” he asked with little amusement.
“No. I’m not sure if you could.” I retorted with a mocking laugh.
“I could.” He said darkly.
I turned and almost knocked him down, “You think so? Well, then, go ahead and try it.”
I expected him to get mad and walk away. But instead, he smiled, “Rough night Viv?”
I sighed, all the energy seemed drained from my body and I felt weak in my legs, “Yeah. Sorry about being bitter with you.”
He shrugged, “Its okay. Besides, I now how it can be with Kenneth.”
“What?” I hissed, regaining the fire inside me.
“Relax Viviana,” he rolled his eyes, “I wouldn’t hurt him. I was just, you know, in the neighborhood and I decided to stop in. Then I overheard you and Kenneth talking. That’s all.”
“Uh-huh. What were you doing it the neighborhood? Eating small children?”
He smiled and gathered me in his arms, “Only you Viv, only you.”
Kissing my forehead, he chuckled and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards a little group of trees and insisting that he wanted to show me something he’d been working on.
“Now remember,” he instructed in a hushed voice, “Don’t freak out. Okay?”
“Um, okay?”
He smiled encouragingly, kissed my forehead, and took a few steps back.
He’s going to change! My mind warned me, and I tensed to either run or fight if the need arose.
Gabe looked at me seriously, “Chill Viv.”
I watched in raw fear mixed with fascination while Gabe’s muscles flexed and grew, his pupils dilated and he looked straight at me. My soul itched to reach into my pocket and pull out my knife, but I withheld the temptation and clenched my teeth as Gabe slowly, cautiously made his way towards me.
The words Kenneth had said raced around my head and, as if he could read my thoughts, Gabe whispered in an unusual husky voice, “Don’t be afraid.”

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  1. Thanks for this Mari – I keep telling Dani to PUBLISH A BOOK! 😀

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    Thank you Mari for using part of my book. 🙂

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    My thanks to Mari Wells for using part of my book Amongst the Wolves for her Werewolf Month. I feel very honored .

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    One totally awesome excerpt from one totally awesome werewolf work-in-progress book! Check this out!!!

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