Excerpt from Honored by Death

Today’s Werewolf comes from Christopher Liccardi. Chistopher and I have been friends for a long time now, and his werwolves are awesome. Enjoy, and follow him at the links at the bottom of the story. 

Excerpt from “Honored by Death”

“That cannot be.” She said, with such heartbreaking disbelief, he considered telling her it was a joke; that he was pulling her leg.

Rational thought had taken over by now and she had to know the truth. It was going to be truth or nothing at all. He would take his chances and place his trust in truth, and in love.

“I would not joke about something like this. It hurts and can be a bit daunting, but I have to show you. You need to see this for yourself.” He started to take off his shirt and realized that she was staring at him as if he were insane.

“So this is your way then?” She said, anger flooding her words like an over filled cup.

“You come into my life, into my house and you try to convince me you are something inhuman, just so you can take your clothes off?” She was working herself up to a full steam now. He knew there wasn’t much he could say to convince her. He would need to show her.

“I supposed you’ll want me to take my clothes off next, then? A little show and tell?” She was beyond the point of being angry.

He fumbled with the buttons in his shirt. His hands trembling like a first time lover, clumsy and eager and impatient.

“Just stand over there and watch. All I ask, all I can ask really is that you stay opened minded to what comes next.” The question was so much rhetorical nonsense and he knew it. She would either accept what he was or she would scream and he would be on the run, again.

A sound began crawling up from inside his stomach like the sound of a distant freight train on a hot summer day when the haze and heat fooled all your senses. It started to build and move as his body began to grow.

She began to utter a scream and then clapped her hands over her mouth to contain the sound. As he looked into her eyes, he could see her horror growing. He felt shame at what was about to happen, but even that was fleeting.

A jolt of exquisite pain rallied up his torso and she watched as his stomach and chest muscles grew, twice their normal size, then doubling and doubling again. Suddenly, the humble man she meant to marry looked like a body builder with his shirt tarring itself from his torso. He pulled at the flesh on his gut, revealing first dense muscle and then dark grey hair.

As the pain of his transformation began to increase, he tried to shrug it off, not wanting to alarm her any more than she already was, but he could not keep up the brave face for long. He doubled over and began to growl, low and deep and full of pain.

“Baby, no…” She darted forward as his knees buckled and he fell to the floor on his hands and knees.

“STAY BACK.” He half shouted; half growled at her causing her to stop, then step back to where she had been standing.

“DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU…” the final word breaking out into a howl that first boiled her blood, then chilled her to the core. She was scared now, more than she had ever been in her life.

She watched as he struggled, fighting against some sort of metamorphic alteration that was turning her fiancé in to a dog. She was crying now, unable to process what was happening to her or to him.

He struggled to maintain some sort of control over his human side while the beast began taking over his physical form. He knew he could kill her instantly if he lost all control, even for a second but he had to finish. It had gone too far now for him to stop and change back. He had to show her what he really was.

The bones in his ribcage, once visible with his shirt off, were now covered in a thick coat of grey and white fur. He shoulders turned downward and outward as his hands became paws.

She heard the sickening sound of cracking bones and this time the screaming could not be contained.

His ears were beginning to poke out of the top of his head as his face elongated itself and then grew the same thick shag of fur on it that the rest of him was showing. The transformation was almost complete and the remnants of this man were now nothing more than scant traces of a human form.

She looked on at what was happening to her man and a single rational thought flooded through the hysterical crazed scene she was experiencing now; ‘not a dog, but a wolf. A grey and white wolf’.

On the heels of that thought, she fainted, collapsing onto the bed she had been standing in front of. All the lights and colors of the day faded to a bluish green hue, and then everything went first quiet and black.

His change was complete; the human was now gone, leaving behind the stuff horror movies and nightmares were made of.

The creature padded over to where his woman was lying on the bed and it sniffed her from top to bottom. Nothing broken, no injuries… just shock.
She was safe with him, and he with her.

Some hours later, she woke to find herself in bed. She had been undressed and then redressed in her nightclothes. Lying next to her under the sheet, a single silk layer of fabric between the heat of their bodies, was the shape of a man. Not the creature she had seen, but the man she had fallen in love with.

She had witnessed something she could not understand, but she knew she would accept this change in her life as if it were a new home or a new job. She had been frightened but not scared off.

He was asleep now and she caressed his the contour of each of his muscles, gently. She wanted to feel him, to have him but she wasn’t ready to talk about it yet.

“I accept you for who and what you are.” She whispered, more to herself.

Things would be different now, in some ways but that same true love held her close to him. She knew she would stay and she would love him.

“I love you.”

She spoke the words aloud and he stirred in his place under the sheets. She could see as he turned over that he was naked but that he had crawled under the sheet to keep himself from touching her. He hadn’t wanted to get too close in case she didn’t accept what he was.

Slowly, she got out of bed and stripped out of her nightgown, letting the satin cloth fall to the floor. She lifted the sheet and looked down at her man, naked, and she smiled.

She liked what she saw and felt closer to him than she had before. He had shown her something of himself; had shared a secret with her. He had given her something of himself to hold and protect. The feeling made her smile.

She climbed into bed with him, not over the sheet, but under it. Wrapping herself around his warm sleeping body, she closed her eyes and knew things would be all right.

She slept and dreamed of him and of her. She dreamed of the love and lust between them and a life well lived together.

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3 thoughts on “Excerpt from Honored by Death

  1. Great share! Got to love Chris and his werewolves! I can’t put him in my “reader” can I?

  2. There is some serious realness here, Chris.
    “‘I accept you for who and what you are.’ She whispered, more to herself.”
    “He had shown her something of himself; had shared a secret with her. He had given her something of himself to hold and protect. The feeling made her smile.”
    I love it. And what a romantic you are! 🙂

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