Sunshine Award… shhh don’t tell Edward. LOL

My friend Lindsay over at Lindsay Cummings Writes awarded me a Sunshine Award. Thank you Lindsay.

She made a statement about vampires not being thought of as being part of sunshine. LOL Hence the Edward comment up there. LOL
Again I’m so far behind.
I’m suppose to tell you 10 things about myself and nominate 10 peeps.

1. I rebel against authority. Usually I wait until the last minute before I agree… pushing my luck as far as I can.
2. I enjoy learning.
3. I love cooking, usually taking an hour or more to make dinner.
4. I’m a crunchy Momma. I use lots of natural and homemade products. I believe herbs and plants should be tried before conventional medicines.
5. I’m addicted to What’s that Phrase. I love it.
6. In What’s That Phrase, I won’t use my points! I won’t buy vowels. I’m at 3,830 points.
7. Angry Birds encourages My Muse to speak. WTF???
8. My desk is a total mess. I hate it!
9. When I clean my desk, I can’t function. And lose everything!
10. I’m falling behind in my blogging!

Bonus!!!! 11. When I’m tired I get a ridiculous sense of humor. Most of the time it’s 5th grade style.

As with all awards I receive if you want it take it. 😀


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Award… shhh don’t tell Edward. LOL

  1. There’s nothing wrong with 5th Grade humour Mari 😀

  2. Sigh, silly me forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on the award 😀

  3. Karen Soutar says:

    Congrats! I don’t know What’s That Phrase…but it sounds like something I shouldn’t get addicted to… 😉

    • mari wells says:

      I blame my addiction on my sister. I can fight it for a while, but then I have to play for hours. You spin this spinner, pick a letter to try to figure out the phrase. Fun and addictive.

      Thanks. 😀

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