Winter Warmers Blog Hop

My friend Karen over at Karen Soutar tagged me I guess on the Winter Warmers Blog Hop. *sorry, I’m so far behind this and last month*

Favorite song with winter in the title or lyrics:
Sarah McLachlan’s Song For A Winter’s Night

Favorite book about winter:
I don’t have one, I am however really interested in the books Karen mentioned. The Dark Is Rising especially.

Favorite “hot” winter film:
I can’t think of one off the top of my head. I don’t watch much TV or movies.

Favorite winter memory:
My favorite memory has to be the year I decided I was dishonoring my “Gone” family by not enjoying the holidays, and went all out with my kids. We had so much fun decorating and just being Merry.

Favorite winter holiday destination:
Anywhere with my family. Although Arizona is looking really nice, I miss the warmth.

What book will be in your suitcase this winter?
Some novels my Dylan J. Morgan. I’m looking forward to Zoey Derrick’s Give Me Reason book 3. *update, just read Give me Desire WOW!*


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