Vampire Q and A with Karen…

Today’s questions all come from Karen. Thank you Karen for taking the time for asking me such wonderful questions.

Q 1. Vampires – are they driven by primal instinct only, or do they have a ‘conscience’?

A. This is such a gooooood question. There are a lot of vampires who are driven by instincts only. They need to feed to stay alive and that’s all they care about is staying alive.

There are others who are also driven by revenge, they torture people who have been rude to them in live. Sometimes they drink from this person until the victim is almost dead, then allow months to pass (allowing the victim to recover ) before returning and doing it all again. Or attacking and killing off that one rude person’s family.
Not conscience but more than instinct.
When some vampires raise from the dead, they quickly move away. So they don’t cause confusion and fear to their families and friends. ( Also so they won’t be killed for being a vampire.) This seems like conscience to me.

This question is a great lead to Karen’s next question….

Q. 2. Are vampire’s picky and/or prejudiced regarding their prey’s wealth, style, cleanliness, upbringing, etc.?

A. Vampires of the past didn’t regard cleanliness as a concern, it was a time when baths weren’t common. I’m not sure about today’s new fictional vampires though. 😀

This is a hard question, because vampires do have preferences, but not those that you asked about.

There were some vampires who would only feed from the opposite sex. The Incubus/Succubus for example; the Incubus is the male of this type of vampire. He only attacks females, drinking their blood, feeding from their life and sexual energies. The Succubus, the female will only attack males.

There are various types female vampires who only feed from babies. Some of these will feed from a woman if she’s given birth within a certain amount of time ( can’t remember off the top of my head). It’s something like within a week of giving birth. Other female vampires will not feed from new mothers but from men. Newborns and Men are their preference.

Some male vampires also want the heart and/or liver of their victims. There are a few that enjoy drinking the milk of nursing mothers.

There are also the vampires who can’t leave their graves or their residence while alive. They are destined to feed from whatever comes within those bounderies.

All vampires can feed from animals: livestock (cattle, horses, swine), pets, strays, whatever they can find. A lot of the older vamps will do this to cause trouble. Some because of their conscience, others because it’s easier.

And now to your last question….

Q.3.    Is Baba Coajo’s origin in the Carpathian Mountains? And I also ask myself if Vlad the impaler would have tolerated her/it near him?

A.  I said I wasn’t going to answer this one because it gave me an idea. I can’t find where this legend originated from, it could be the Carpathian Mountains, or anywhere else in Romania. There is no proof that Vlad The Impaler drank the blood of his victims. They could have been friends. 😉

Since you where the only person to ask questions this month, Karen, I’ve decided to do a special post just for you. Is there any vampire you’d like to know more about? Any characteristic, anything? Email me or leave me a comment. I’ll work on that special post for you as soon as I know what you want. Thank you so much. 😀



** One a side note, I found this so funny and thought I’d share. My youngest daughter 6yro got some Monster High Dolls for Christmas yesterday (yes, she’s already taking after her mother.) One of the dolls was Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula. She’s moved from the table and window (both hissing) and is now playing in the kitchen while I’m cooking. Now remember this is my daughter’s new baby, which means I’m Grandma. Draci says. “Garlic!”  I say, “Don’t worry, you’re one of the old vampires Garlic doesn’t do any thing to you.” Draci says “My Grandma knows a lot about vampires. I’ll be safe here.” Daughter allows Draci to drink from the My Little Pony, then feeds the pony lots of carrots and water and puts it to sleep, so it can replace the blood. I look down at her, and say “Draci is a special vampire she only has to eat once a year.”  Daughter smiles, nods and continues playing. I’ll have to find a new victim for Draci next Christmas. LOL I’m so proud of her!**Draculaura


2 thoughts on “Vampire Q and A with Karen…

  1. Karen says:

    Mari, many thanks for answering my questions! 🙂
    Regarding your answer to question 1: Perhaps vampires keep a little bit of their mentality after the change. A very interesting thought.
    Regarding your answer to question 2: The opposite gender attracts – I suppose due to a difference in the chemical blood composition. The poor creatures who are bound to their ‘home’ cannot be picky.
    Regarding your answer to question 3: What I learned about Vlad was that he was very sadistic, therefore he might not have wanted to share his sadism. If they were friends – he might have enjoyed what Baba Coajo did to the victims. 😉

    I feel honoured that you want to do a special post for me. 🙂
    What about researching Sava Savanovic?
    In general it is interesting to find out, where vampirism began. At more or less the same time globally, or was it something that spread like an epidemic?

    Thank you, Mari! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Draci and your daughter could be inspiration for a short story, don’t you think? 😉

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