Romania and some of it’s vampires

I think we’ll look at some of Romania’s vampires today.

Baba Coaja pronounced Baba CO-ya.

A vampire forest spirit in Romania is a bloodthirsty monster. She’s described as a half bear and a half woman. She’s called “Queen of the Forest” and has total control of everything within her wood.
She’s a very evil entity. She catches children who wander into the forest alone or those who’ve wandered away from theirs parents.she consumes their bodies and locks their souls in Elderberry trees where they rot.

This vampire called Sburator meaning flying man is a Romanian vampire. He’s a form of a Incubus and custom made for the victim.

He’s described as extremely handsome, and everything his victim needs including being the perfect lover.

Once every seven years he sneaks into his lady’s window. During his attack he kisses her gently sometimes so softly she doesn’t even wake up when she awakes she feels drained her body throbs with pain and she’s easily agitated, signs of an energy attack. After her first attack she’s no longer interested in other men.

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9 thoughts on “Romania and some of it’s vampires

  1. Oloriel says:

    This is a great and fantastic info to read, especialy since there is not much interesting information on the Vampires of different folklores around anymore. Thank you for sharing!

    • mari wells says:

      You’re Welcome, Oloriel. I have tons of different vampires here on all my Wednesday posts. There’s something for every vampire lover here. 😀 I also do a column about Witches on the first Tuesday of the month and Werewolves on the night of the Full Moon.
      Thanks for coming by. 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Are vampire’s picky and/or prejudiced regarding their prey’s wealth, style, cleanliness, upbringing, etc.?

  3. Very cool. I am going to reblog this.

  4. The makings of the best paranormal “romance” novel ever 😉

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