Interview with a Witch

I have a brief interview to share with you today with a real witch, Silverfalcon Wolfmoon. We communicated through email, so these questions are pretty basic. She has agreed to another interview later.

Silverfalcon Wolfmoon

What are your basic believes?

I believe in Nature. Everything has a spirit. We were all created by “The All” which created the Goddess first then the God; both came together to create everything we know.

What do you practice?

The Old Ways with The Old Gods.

Are you Wiccan or do you classify yourself with it?

No, I’m pagan or a heathen. I call myself a witch sometimes too.

Do you mentor or teach others

No, I’m still learning.

Do you think people judge you as an evil-doer or Satan worshiper?

No one knows besides my husband, and he doesn’t practice. Our religious believes are very different. There’s been times I’ve had to explain things to him, because he has thought what I was planning or wanting to do was evil. One thing I’ve noticed is anything with the color black alarms him.

How long have you been practicing? When did you start?

I started this path a year ago, although I’ve come to this crossroad often throughout my life.

Did you have a mentor/teacher or did you learn on your own?

I’m learning on my own. Through books and websites. I hope to start a course online soon.

Can you tell me what you think of the free spells you can find online?

I think the free spells on line is a knife that cuts on both sides. I have used some spells I’ve found online, I’ve learned a lot form things I’ve learned online. I don’t use anything I find right away, I meditate on it sometimes for weeks before I decide to try it. If you don’t know what you’re doing and sometimes I don’t, you could find yourself in some really big trouble using stuff from the internet.

Does anyone else know ?

Only my husband.


I’ll have another interview with another woman next month. I can ask her your questions in our next interview, be sure to ask them.

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