Me and Paranormal Underground Magazine

I’m so happy, why? Because “Paranormal Underground Magazine” not only published one of my vampire articles in the “Magic and Lore” column but they also published one of my fictional pieces.
Yep, November 2013 has two of my pieces of work in it.

The vampire article Romana’s Varacolaci November 2013

The short story The Scent of Fear November 2013

You can read the magazine here in your browser, download a copy for yourself, or buy a subscription.
If you’d like a hard copy you can get it Here


10 thoughts on “Me and Paranormal Underground Magazine

  1. Another arrow in your quiver Mari, when are you going to publish your stories in a book (or books) ?


    • mari wells says:

      Thank you, Ape. I’m working on it. I’m about to finish a novella, I’ll search for a publisher for it. I have a few Novelletes that I’m thinking I’ll put together and try self-publishing.
      For the longest time, I didn’t think anyone would like my stories. I need to get really serious about publishing them now.

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Mari! 🙂

  3. OF COURSE they published you. Because you’re AWESOME!

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